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                                                                                                Hello, welcome to Jinan Fast CNC Machinery Co.,Ltd!


                                                                                                JINAN FAST CNC MACHINERY CO., LTD

                                                                                                JINAN FAST CNC MACHINERY CO., LTD established in 2003, is a high-tech enterprise combined mechanical-optical-electrical-hydraulic integration system.Company is New High-tech Enterprise of Shandong Province, Innovation Enterprise of Jinan, "The Support Institution of Jinan High Speed CNC Drilling and Milling Engineering Technology Center" and group member unit of China Steel Structure Institution
                                                                                                     Company has more than 10 independent & intellectual property-right innovation patents and utility model patents, 9 innovation products. In 2006, company passed ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certificate. In 2007, company obtained the "Export Quality License" from China Commodity Inspection Bureau for "JX Series CNC Angle Processing Line", "CJ Series CNC Plate Punching/ Drilling Machine" and "PZ Series CNC Movable Gantry Type Drilling Machine". ?Company has a group of high-competent staffs that have rich experiences on mechanical products development and production management. In management level and technical persons, there are 4 in master degrees and more than 20 in bachelor degrees. 【MORE】

                                                                                                Development of CNC Drilling Machine Hole Machin...[COMMON ISSUE]

                                                                                                Development of CNC Drilling Machine Hole Machining Technology
                                                                                                Time:2017-06-24Source:This station
                                                                                                In the processing of mechanical parts, the proportion of hole machining is quite large. Similar to high-speed milling, high-speed and hig...

                                                                                                Argentina customers purchase CNC flat punching ...[COMMON ISSUE]

                                                                                                Argentina customers purchase CNC flat punching machine
                                                                                                Time:2017-06-24Source:This station
                                                                                                Thank Argentina customers come to my company to purchase CNC flat punching machine, the customer's purchase is my company's trust and sup...

                                                                                                Double spindle CNC flange drilling installation...[COMMON ISSUE]

                                                                                                Double spindle CNC flange drilling installation and commissioning completed
                                                                                                Time:2017-06-24Source:This station
                                                                                                Jinan Fate CNC double spindle flange drilling machine has been installed and commissioned to complete, with foreign customers to come to ...
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